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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2018 • 43 Considerations When a customer requests a wrap removal there is a simple checklist we run through with them to try and assess how long we think the removal will take. If we didn't wrap the vehicle initially then we try to determine what material was used to wrap the vehicle, as well as when the customer had it wrapped. If we wrapped the vehicle then we simply pull the paperwork to check the date and material(s) we used. Wraps more than five years old, or that involved a more aggressive adhesive-backed vinyl will typically take much longer to remove. It's important to take a look at the vehicle in person to review the horizontal vs. vertical planes of the vehicle. Roofs, hoods, tops of doors, trunks, etc., will brown and crack over time and are much harder to remove than vertical planes. Tools If premium wrap vinyl was used, and the wrap is less than two years old then you should be able to simply pull it off. A wrap that is a little older may require heat. Heat guns or propane torches are a good source of heat to aid in removing old vehicle wraps. Heat guns provide a nice, even heat while torches give a hot- ter burst of heat. If you're removing with a torch be sure that you keep the torch moving to avoid burning the vinyl which can cause marks on the surface of the vehicle. Warmed vinyl cools quickly so there's no point in heating an overly large sec- tion. Heat about one square foot at a time, peel, then heat the next section. Lil' Chizler brand plastic scrapers with handles and other non-marring scrapers are great tools for lifting the When removing these letters for a re-wrap, we notice significant ghosting where the letters had protected the paint while the rest of the paint faded over time. In this instance we called the customer and they had a body shop buff out the van prior to re-wrapping. Plastic scrapers do not mar the vehicle surface and are an essential tool in lift- ing the edge of vinyl and scraping off adhesive. We use an assortment of cleaners to remove adhesive, clean oil and dirt residue and prep the vehicle surface for new graphics.

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