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November '18

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WRAPS DIGITAL GRAPHICS S ince our first day in the wrap business we noticed that clients and customers didn't do a really nice job of cleaning and maintaining their vehicle wrap. We do have some clients that clean and wash their wraps on a weekly basis. Those are the types of clients who truly get a return on their investment. Today's film, overlaminates and ink hold up very well to the outdoor elements, but they also have their limitations. Maintaining the vehicle wrap over a period of time will increase the longev- ity of your customers vehicle wrap. We tell our clients that even paint needs to be maintained or you can have serious issues. Image is everything. Program Benefits One thing we always discuss in our shop is how can we up-sell our existing clients. My production manager and W R A P S M A I N T E N A N C E W A R R A N T Y Up-selling with a mainte- nance warranty helps the wrap customer's image— and your bottom line Matt Richart is one of the co-founders of Digital EFX Wraps in Louisville, Kentucky. He is an expert installer and Roland University instructor. For more information on training, visit www.digitalefx- 46 • November 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S myself came up with a wraps mainte- nance program that did three things for our business: It allowed us to add on anywhere from $145 to $625 per vehicle that came through our door, allowing us to up-sell our clients. It has allowed us to clean, wash, trim back or repair any wrap film issues that may have arisen, along with giving the wrap a new life. And it allowed us to see our clients again. A maintenance program makes wrap clients come back to your facility on a regular basis to have their wrap maintained. Having your client frequent your facility allows you a chance to offer additional services, show new products you may have, and it builds upon a rela- tionship that can last a very long time. The program also benefits clients. Most vehicle wraps will last anywhere Image is Everything B Y M A T T R I C H A R T Brand new hood install for our shop vehicle with wrap- care coating applied.

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