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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • November 2018 • 47 from three to six years, depending on the area your client lives in. Sun and road dirt are the biggest culprits that lead to a deteriorating vehicle wrap. We all know how hoods and roofs can go bad as well with constant sun beating down on these areas. Clients that have access to covered parking or garages will also increase the longevity of their wrap. Our basic wrap warranty covers any cracking, fading or peeling within two years of the wrap being produced and installed. This can be tricky depending on how you set your customers expecta- tions and state what your warranty covers and doesn't cover. We advise our clients that the hood, roof and top areas of the vehicle can and will go bad between two and four years. We offer replacement wraps in those areas at a 30% discount. If they do not replace deteriorating areas in the stated time, they can have more issues down the road that involve longer removal times, possible paint damage and more expenses. Shop vehicles have been cleaned, washed, and after-care sealant applied (wraps are three years old). I touch on these issues because at the end of the day it is a gigantic decal on a client's car out in the elements on a daily basis. It's hard for wrap companies to ensure that their clients are maintaining the vehicle wrap and taking responsibil- ity for the cleaning of their wrap. So why not charge the client for this service and kill two birds with one stone. How it Works We tried to make our wraps main- tenance program as simple as possible. Some of you may even have a better program already implemented. Our pro- gram runs one full year from the date of our client's wrap installation. Each visit package purchased must be used in one year from the start date. All of the packages offered can not be carried over the following year. Almost like a gym membership for fleets or indi- vidual vehicle wraps. They can choose to purchase a new wrap maintenance pro- gram every year to insure a longer-lasting vehicle wrap. The packages can be: one visit for $145 per year, three visits for $350 per year, or six visits for $625 per year. Depending on your client and type of vehicle these prices can be adjusted depending on the situation. Once our client chooses which pack- age they want, we apply a custom decal to the inside door jam of their vehicle. Just like at your local oil change company. This allows us to put in the start date of the program, date of the maintenance service along with which installer per- formed the cleaning. Every wrap maintenance vehicle gets treated just like a wrap project. They are scheduled into our daily operation and A maintenance program makes wrap clients come back to your facility on a regular basis to have their wrap maintained.

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