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rv-pro.com November 2018 • RV PRO • 89 Krawchuk recalls how, two years ago, a dealer who carried Samlex came to him saying he was off to a slow start during RVing season. Customers weren't opting for many upgrades, so the dealer asked if Samlex could help. (The company says it has had a number of similar requests over the years.) "Customers at some dealerships may not know that they have solar available," Krawchuk says. In response, Samlex developed sales clings the dealer could put on RVs on his sales lot to let customers know units could be equipped with solar, which proved successful. Samlex also offers dealership personnel spiffs on sales. Expanded Inverter Offerings As for inverters, Krawchuk says Samlex has a wide selection of offerings. Whatever is listed in a catalog is typically less than half of the full offering (more than 90). Dealers need only ask. More recently, a new product was introduced to expand on Samlex's EVO series of inverter/chargers. The 1,200-watt is the "smaller version" of the 2,200- and 3,000-watt inverter charger, which makes it better suited for Class B and C motorhomes, as well as travel trailers, according to Krawchuk. EVO inverter/charger can power various appliances at once as long as they remain with the 1,200 watts. This is possible because of the 300 percent surge rating. It's a feature that's "quite unique," Krawchuk says about an inverter of this size. And as with the entire line, Samlex has a minimum advertising price policy in place, as well as two-step distribution, which has become a big part of Samlex's business philosophy. "One of the great things about distribution is that it defines the market," Hamanishi says. "Though there may be some subtle crossovers from market to market, the distribution channel defines it. Who you buy from on a regular basis defines what market you're in and that market definition is very important to us." With its finely tuned operation, Samlex has accomplished a perception conversion when it comes to clearly explaining power conversion. Under Hamanishi's guidance, the company looks to be on a course to grow beyond the next decade. "Our support goes all the way down the line. We don't limit our support just to distributors because that's our immediate customer," Hamanishi says. "We support the dealer and, of course, the end-user. They are our ultimate customer, and we need to make sure that they are using our products the way they're intended to be used and the customer's expectations are met." Now—Get on the Move with Your NEW Technician Productivity Program! rvdealerprotraining.com 1.888.553.0100 rvdealerprotraining.com 1.888.553.0100 Before Training vs. ALer Training Before Training vs. ALer Training 2250000 1750000 1250000 750000 250000 -250000 GP increase 48.7% $725,442 PARTS SALES LABOR SALES GROSS PROFIT BEFORE DealerPRO AFTER DealerPRO 5 TECHNICIANS 25.6% 50.9% "Our training dramatically increases your Tech Productivity and Service Gross Profi ts, while providing Customer FIRST Processes for service excellence…" - Don Reed, CEO Call Kristin Williams now at 888.553.0100 or email kwilliams@dealerprotraining.com FIXED OPS TRAINING Dealers' Choice Awards Visit Us at RVDA Booth #717 DPRO-321A_RVGetOnMove7_125x4_875RVP.indd 1 8/31/18 5:48 PM

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