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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 27 Club; however, they wouldn't let Ron drive as they didn't want him eclipsing Unser's achievement. By 1970, Ron was living in Chicago when the infamous Fuel Altered tour came to town. There was Leon Fitzgerald with Pure Heaven, Don Green with Rat Trap, Randy Bradford with his Fiat, Leroy Chadderton with the Magnificent 7 and Wild Willie Borsch with the Winged Express. They were a crazy bunch of drag racers that moved into Ron's apartment and used it as their base of operations. Ron couldn't help but get involved and worked on Green's Rat Trap. It would be a fortu- itous pairing. Out in California, Steve had moved on from Chrysler to the adjacent Dodge- Shelby plant in 1988 where he became development/test driver on the Shelby CAN AM spec racer. He eventually put more than 10,000 test-track miles under his belt. Steve worked there until 1993, when that side of Shelby's business moved to Texas. He then opened his own shop in Whit- tier where he built a street rod for Linda Vaughn. In 2000, Steve built Ron a new Bonneville roadster: #755 was a 360-ci Buick-powered '29 Roadster with independent suspension. It would be the first of several roadsters built for big brother and it went 219 mph. Since they first met in the '70s, Ron's friendship with Green had blossomed and in 1995 the pair teamed up to recreate

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