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32 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 charges each way or an explanation of what the numbers mean. Most labs are not aware of racer issues—they just report technical facts for you to try and under- stand. The test results sometime take weeks (racers don't have time to wait if a decision whether to tear down or race again next week is needed). I admit to prejudice, but (after doing my research homework) I have changed to SPEEDiagnostix for my tests. They cut through the confusion and, within days, return the results and recommendations for my consideration. They cost a little more, but not nearly as much as a teardown or engine failure, and there are no extra or hidden fees. They offer professional results, under- standable for racers and street enthusiasts. SPEEDiagnostix kits are available at most performance parts distributors, speed shops and performance parts retailers. Here's how it works. The SPEEDiagnostix test is available as a kit. The customer buys a kit, follows the instructions, takes a sample from the oil as it is being drained (bottle is enclosed in the kit), registers on the SPEEDiagnostix website, fills out per- tinent information of what is being tested (engine oil, gas or diesel engine, or trans- mission, or gear oil, etc.), the advertised viscosity when installed, etc. The customer includes the Sample ID number on the bottle. They then put it in the pre-labeled, prepaid shipping box and give it to the postal system. They are done. In 5 to 7 days (if sent by regular mail) they receive by email the complete analysis results, explanations of the results and sug- gestions for changes if necessary. Used oil analysis has proven to be an accurate way to troubleshoot potential engine problems. AN ENGINE'S INSIDE STORY Engine and parts research conducted on SpinTron machines helped me learn that used oil analysis is an accurate way of determining internal engine characteris- tics and potential problems. 32 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018

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