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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 35 motor swaps are pushing plumbing com- panies to develop new plumbing solutions for fuel, oil and power steering. As tire, suspension and axle technolo- gies improve in the off-road market, we're seeing axle swaps grow in popularity, pushing for new hose configurations. The biggest difference in the Performance Plumbing market now as compared to 10 years ago is … … the abundance of low-quality, ques- tionable suppliers in the marketplace. In performance plumbing we first and fore- most want to protect the occupants. This includes safely moving combustible fluids through the vehicle, powering the braking system and pre- venting fluids from reaching the tires. It's more important than ever for consumers to be educated on finding reputable sources for their plumbing, especially when considering performance brake hoses. To be truly DOT- compliant, hoses must not only meet the rigorous Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS106), the manufacturer must also be identifiable. A simple rule for hoses: If the manufacturer is not willing to put their name on the hose, don't be willing to put it on your vehicle. An unexpected benefit for shops serving the Perfor- mance Plumbing market … … performance plumbing shops earn their reputations by becoming problem solvers. Buying new hard parts—whether a part of the brake, fuel, cooling, oil or steering system—is relatively easy. Helping a customer get those new components plumbed together effectively, however, is like taking pieces of a puzzle and figuring out how to create the big picture. When a shop can help customers plumb a vehicle that not only performs well but looks appealing, they become problem solvers who earn the respect and repeat business of their customers. Aftermarket hoses and related plumbing products are more durable, stable, universal and cost-effective than ever. (Photo courtesy Holley/Earl's) Performance plumbing shops earn their reputations by becoming problem solvers. (Photo courtesy BrakeQuip)

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