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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 37 vary among hose manufacturers and among hose materials. Operating pressure ratings will vary depending on the specific type of hose construction. AN THREAD SIZE The thread size of the AN hose end and its mating fitting is as follows: AN SIZE THREAD SIZE 3 3/8-24 UNJ 4 7/16-20 UNJ 6 9/16-18 UNJ 8 ¾-16 UNJ 10 7/8-14 UNJ 12 1 1/16-12 UNJ 16 1 5/16-12 UNJ 20 1 5/8-12 UNJ The standard of the AN hose world, at least for automotive performance applica- tions, has traditionally involved a red and blue anodized finish. While aluminum fittings were once traditionally solid blue (and sometimes red), two-piece hose ends were generally blue and red. However, black and bright finishes have become increasingly popular. Color shades, as well as finish gloss, will vary among makers. Remember, anodizing is not a coating. It's actually a controlled oxidation process that is used to protect the finish of an alloy, to allow the use of a color dye and/or to harden the alloy surface. A dull, non-gloss appearance is actually quite normal. If a higher gloss is desired, manufacturers can polish the aluminum beforehand, and they can even use a gloss clear anodizing (often called a bright dip). MIKE MAVRIGIAN owns and operates Birchwood Automotive in Creston, Ohio, where he builds custom engines and street rods and performs vehicle restorations. He has written thousands of technical articles, as well as nine books on automotive technology during the past 30 years. Mike can be reached at 330-435-6347 or birchwdag@ Visit Birchwood's website at Using an alumi- num -AN wrench prevents gouging and marring of the anodized alu- minum surface. Examples of -AN hose end sizes, from left: -6, -8, -10, -12, -16 and -20. INNOVATIVE PLUMBING SOLUTIONS SEE DEMOS AT PRI! Hose Assembly / Hard-Line Sealing FITTING FIXER 928-854-6706 / PRI SHOW Booth 2304 Repair Fittings on the Spot! Surseat Lapping Tool for 37° & 45° Flares AN Hose Assembly Tool for -4 to -16 Fittings 37° Diamond Dust Lap Head Sizes 3/16" to 1" EZ-ON Hose Press 409B for Push-Lok & Nylon Fuel Line

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