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46 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 T he end of the year is a good time to take stock of your diesel business. How did you do over the last year? What changes would you like to make in the coming year? What can you do to make your business stronger? Well, for that last question, one thing is to always offer in-demand diesel products and services. To help, I reached out to several brick- and-mortar diesel shops with mechanics and asked about their top-sellers. Their answers were somewhat mixed, but there was definitely enough of a consensus to compile a top-10 list. Matching these products with installa- tion services and expert knowledge is your best response to internet-only competitors that try to win only on price. My thanks to H&H Diesel Performance, Gilmore Diesel Performance, The DIESEL Shop/ NY, Dave's Diesel/Angola, Hassler Diesel Performance, Banghart Diesel and S&R Diesel Concepts for their input. #1 INJECTORS Faulty injectors/nozzles causing the engine to miss and/or not run properly were the most-mentioned products. Many customers only want the bad injec- tors replaced to keep repair costs down. If two or more are bad, however, most likely the others will soon go bad as well, so many shops insist on replacing all of the injectors at once. There has been an influx of imported, low-quality injectors on the market. Our sources recommend always using brand- name, high-quality replacement injectors— they will save you dollars on future repairs, making for a happy customer. #2 TUNING Expert tuning of every compo- nent is essential to keeping diesels running smoothly on all levels, whether it is highway driving, street driving or towing. Most shops have custom tunes for dif- ferent applications based on what per- formance parts are installed. I'm mainly talking about the older trucks that can be easily tuned. Customers will definitely stick with a shop that understands their particular truck, its upgrades and how to set a proper tune. Exergy injectors are performance-tuned for extra power for Chevy, Ford and Ram diesels. Exergy owner Randy Harkema demonstrated their performance during a DIESEL Motorsports show on a full-running motor. THE TOP 10 IN-DEMAND DIESEL PRODUCTS Shops reveal their best-sellers. By Ron Knoch Upgraded head studs are a must for when your customer adds power to the engine.

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