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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 47 #3 TRANSMISSIONS/AUTO/CLUTCH When truck owners overpower their engines way past OEM specifications, next in line for failure is the transmission. Rebuilding the transmis- sion for higher power levels—whether it's a manual or an automatic—is essential, and it usually takes a professional to do it right. Our sources also note that transmission repair jobs often come from referrals—do one rebuild well and chances are you'll be asked to do many more. #4 TURBOS A replacement turbo needs to match the truck's other upgrades. It doesn't do any good placing an oversized turbo on a stock system when just a slightly bigger turbo with fuel enhancements gives the owner a nice power boost. Make sure you advise owners on what they need as far as turbo size and functions so the truck will run properly—bigger isn't always better. This is another area where Adding components for power can cause motor issues if not done properly. Word of mouth travels fast in the tight-knit diesel performance world. Do a quality repair for one customer and chances are you'll earn plenty of referrals. There's one company manufacturing all the aftermarket undercar par ts you need, from brands you trust. From the street to the fleet to the track, our par ts are built to fit, built to move. A P C A U T O T E C H . C O M Y O U R N E X T M O V E ? Go to A P C a u t o t e c h . c o m to get the best brake and emissions control systems from the industry leader. Visit us at PRI #3349. AC055 TheShop_APC_Built_To_Fit_and_Move_P3_Half_Isl_PRI_Show_12-18_V1.1.pdf 1 10/18/18

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