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48 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 THE TOP 10 DIESEL PRODUCTS you'll want to choose a well-known, quality brand that stands behind its products. #5 HEAD STUDS/HEAD GASKETS Most OEM components are not made to handle power increases. Our sources report that's definitely the case for stock head bolts and gaskets. If your customer is buying an older truck and adding power components without adding performance studs and gaskets, then they are in for an expensive fix. Again, quality aftermarket name brands are the best route to long-term success. #6 ENGINE REBUILD Total engine rebuilds are more popular than ever, mainly because of the higher costs of new diesel pickups, which now hover in the $60,000-$80,000 range. Plus, the customer can have you do a custom build to meet the power levels he/she wants. A total rebuild may seem expensive— until you price a new truck or even a quality used truck. This is another instance where the customer will send countless referrals to your shop if you do a great job for them. #7 FUEL PUMP/SYSTEM Early diesel trucks had bad issues with the lift pumps sending fuel from the tank to the injection pump. When the lift pump fails it starves the injection pump of fuel, which kills it. An injection pump is quite expensive to replace, so you are being responsible by sug- gesting a new lift pump before that happens. There are several options for performance fuel lift pumps depending on the amount of fuel needed for the horsepower of the truck. Also suggest changing the fuel filter often or carrying extras in the truck. Newer trucks have improved lift pumps, but if you increase the horsepower you will have to install a performance pump that can be adjusted for higher pressure and delivery of fuel to the injection pump. #8 SUSPENSION Diesel engines weigh more, so when you add bigger wheels/tires it just adds to the OEM weight limit, thus putting stress on the suspension. Poten- tial upgrades include lift kits, ball joints, U-joints and linkage. Stronger shocks, springs and air bags should be added along with a lift kit. Make sure the kits are a top brand, since failure could cause accidents while driving. Plus, having a tight suspension makes for longer life for those expensive, oversized tires. Depending on the truck's use and the conditions of local roads, most trucks need rebuilding of the systems about every two years if they drive a lot of miles. Hassler Diesel Performance has all of the bays full and 10-12 trucks waiting. The DIESEL Shop NY works on all makes and sizes of diesel trucks.

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