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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 49 #9 EXHAUST Most diesel truck owners want 4- or 5-inch exhaust pipes from the turbo back, with side or rear outlet(s) and a large tip. If they drive long distances, the customer will also want a resonator or flow-through muffler to alleviate droning inside the cab. Our sources say stacks going straight up behind the cab are no longer popular and can be very noisy. Also, suggest a stainless or stainless blend system that won't rust. Finally, make sure all hooks and connec- tions are solid before your customers head out onto rough roads. #10 COOLING SYSTEMS More horsepower produces hotter temperatures, so the entire cooling system needs to be checked and replaced with high-volume compo- nents. This includes bigger internal-built radiators, intercoolers, high-pressure silicone hoses/clamps and high-speed fans, along with temperature-regulated sensors so the cooling can be adjusted for higher temps. Not only is this important with higher horsepower drivetrains, but also for trucks that haul trailers or weight in the truck bed. Shops are reporting blown hoses and radiators, and when that happens it affects the engine block gaskets. Obviously, these 10 upgrades can be done in any order, but it's important that every system is prepared to handle power upgrades. Consult with the owner and edu- cate them about the truck's components, then sell them the appropriate parts and services. RON KNOCH is president of DIESEL Motorsports (National Association of Diesel Motors- por ts), a sanctioning body formed in 2007 for diesels that promotes all diesel motors- ports associations, clubs and events, and hosts diesel drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competitions. Learn more at www.dieselmo- Dave's Diesel Angola has been turning out competitive diesels since the start. INDUSTRY LEADER MAHLE MOTORSPORTS IN PISTON TECHNOLOGY Every MAHLE Motorsport piston is backed by 95+ years of racing heritage and technology innovation. MAHLE employs the most advanced piston design and machining processes being used today, many of which are performed on machinery MAHLE manufactures themselves specifically for piston production. MAHLE's light-weight, low-drag, ultra-strong slipper skirt forging designs truly outperform the competition. Features include profiled pin bores, advanced dual and triple ovality skirt profiles and tighter tolerances with unmatched consistency. All MAHLE Motorsport pistons include application specific surface treatments, like the proprietary GrafalĀ® anti-friction skirt coating that significantly reduces drag, wear of both the piston and cylinder bore as well as noise. And anodized top ring grooves to eliminate micro-welding protecting the extremely flat ring grooves over unmatched life cycle.These are just a few of the reasons why top professional race teams use MAHLE Motorsport pistons. Rely on the technology leader MAHLE Motorsport, to give you the winning advantage. 1-888-255-1942 PRI Booth #1601

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