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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 53 Fire man himself. Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint developed his own line of Tru Fire templates: The Original Tru Fire and Tru Fire 2nd Degree Burn. Make sure to practice on a spare panel or old fender first. Get your technique down and work out any problems you might run into. And know that each painter will develop his or her own style. Relax while you're practicing and allow your style to flow. Find some fire photos and print them out. Hang them close by while you're painting, so you can refer to them as you work. THINGS TO CONSIDER There are a few things to take into consid- eration when painting real fire graphics: Static electricity Static electricity is a big problem when painting real fire. To remedy this, I start A SATAjet 20 B art gun is used to spray on a coat of red candy. Note the difference between the right side with the candy and left side without. The candy brings out the depth of the layer, giving contrast between the solid and thin areas of the red. Use care and don't spray the candy too far from the edge of the fire. The orange layer goes on next. This can be a little tricky, trying to visualize the next layer. Remember your shapes. And airbrush them in. One hint is to build off some of the red flame shapes. Notice the orange curve to the left of the template. I sprayed orange against one curve on the template and left it at that. Keep the color application random; some shapes will have orange only on one side, other shapes will have it on two or three sides. Leave plenty of red showing through and around the orange. After using pre-cleaner to wipe away any overspray, orange candy is applied. The fire is starting to really take form! After spraying the orange candy, I'll remove the overspray again. Made in Germany. Made for you. See the whole success story: For further information or technical support please call 1-888-MOLYOIL (665-9645) I use it! "Thank you for making products specially for us truck drivers!" Armin Schwarz German Rally Legend and Baja driver Available at AutoZone

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