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56 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 DECEMBER 2018 Prefix Growth p.56 Off-Road p.62 Products p. 66 Show Follow-Up p.74 Dealer Relations p.78 Light Bars p.82 A respected industry executive I admire recently told me, "A com- pany is either growing or losing ground. There is no coasting along in busi- ness. Owners and managers are fooling themselves if they think they can get to a certain level and just stay there." Trade show season and the end of the year are excellent times to think about different ways we can improve and grow our busi- nesses. One approach is to look at other organizations that are doing it right. Are there specific areas where other com- panies are more efficient? What techniques do other businesses use to stay organized and deliver on time? How do others train their employees? To get a few ideas, we looked to Mich- igan-based Prefix Corp. In 2019, the com- pany will celebrate 40 years in business. (You don't just make it to 40 years without doing a few things very well.) There's a good chance you've never heard of Prefix before, because often the work it performs is extremely confidential. But, chances are you've driven a vehicle it helped develop, or at least watched a Hollywood film that featured props it created. 56 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 Industry concept builder Prefix Corp. shares five ideas for growth. By Jhan Robert Dolphin Get Creative Prefix Corp has been around for 40 years, often working under a veil of secrecy to produce concept vehicles, race cars, movie props and a variety of other interesting projects. Eric Zeile, Prefix president, explains that setting goals and then executing a plan to attain them is the first step toward becom- ing a more profitable business.

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