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60 THE SHOP DECEMBER 2018 worst. Prefix has created a culture where it's easy to communicate with one another. "We demand that everyone is treated with respect and that we communicate with each other before problems escalate," Zeile says. "There just isn't time for any lack of communication." In addition to its company newsletter and employee group emails, Prefix also uses regular 15 minute (stand-up) meet- ings to update specific team members on a project's progress. "No chairs allowed, always on time to the minute and everyone gets to the point," explains Zeile. "These are meant to be quick, specific updates as to the progress from each department. If we let them become the typical sit-down, chat about the weather, wait for last-minute people to show up type of meeting, we would never get everything done." It's also a good idea to not always rely on emails, he adds. By the time you craft mean they are the most effective way to communicate. #4 MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING Most of today's shop owners are so busy with the day-to-day operations of running their business that one important aspect of growth tends to easily fall down the priority list—marketing. The reason is that often if we don't focus on marketing today, tomorrow or even the entire month, the business doesn't feel any immediate pain. However, over time, as we allow social media content to dwindle to a halt, no live events or shows are on the calendar and business begins to slow, it suddenly hits us and we often make poor, hasty advertising and marketing decisions in an effort to make up for the lost time. Always remember, sales is all about being on the mind of the customer when the time is right. Staying top-of-mind with your target audience is the whole point of marketing. "Up until a few years ago, we lacked any- thing that could even remotely be called a marketing plan," Zeile admits. "We now clearly understand that making sure the calendar includes regular activations for keeping our brand front and center with our target audience is crucial to our growth." Prefix uses a variety of marketing tech- niques that include hosting live car shows and events, attending a variety of trade and industry shows, regular public rela- tions announcements about high-profile projects, a focused effort on social media and always keeping its website up-to-date. The Prefix Auburn Hills facility houses a complete performance division that conducts a vari- ety of engine development and testing services, builds race engines for the Trans Am series and performs a wide range of performance, power and styling enhancements for a variety of vehicle brands. Get Creative an email, send it and wait for a reply with the answer to your question, it could have potentially been solved much sooner by picking up the phone and actually talking to the person. Just because emails and texts are the current technology doesn't always With the many projects happening at Prefix, there isn't time for any lack of communication.

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