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DECEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 61 Currently, it is focused on enhancing its YouTube channel as a way to stay con- nected to the industry professionals who need the services it provides. With the technologies available today regarding social media, websites and blogs, there are a variety of easy ways we can stay in front of our audience without breaking the bank. #5 SHARE GOALS WITH THE WHOLE TEAM Just like on a sports team, we can't expect employees to help us meet objectives if they don't know where the goal line is. If a goal is not clearly defined and actually achiev- able, employees will be less productive. Prefix is very open with its entire staff as to company goals and the progress made throughout the year. It's crucial to let everyone know exactly what to expect, and specifically what impact each depart- ment and person will have on reaching those goals. Prefix has initiated an employee email newsletter that helps communicate infor- mation regarding upcoming events, spe- cial announcements and new business opportunities that are being pursued. It also schedules regular company-wide com- munication meetings, bringing everyone together to hear updates and goals directly from company executives. "Most every project is reviewed in detail with the respective team members to dis- cuss how well the goals and objectives were met, and what can be done to do better and be more efficient next time," explains Zeile. "This has become a very effective way to initiate continual improvement amongst our team and keep everyone motivated to achieve the next goal." In general, most in our industry would agree that the economy is strong and there are more opportunities out there than ever. Yet, it's never easy to implement a solid plan to grow our companies. It will be the businesses that pay attention to the small and important details of run- ning their organizations that will continue to benefit the most. JHAN ROBERT DOLPHIN is a passionate automotive enthu- siast and industry executive who often speaks and writes on marketing, sales and a variety of business-related topics. He can be reached in his Chicago office at: (847) 910-2248. 600+ TRUCK AND JEEP ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE WITH UPDATED DATA AVAILABLE THROUGH SEMA DATA CO-OP & DCI

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