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50 • RV PRO • December 2018 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T SuperSprings' SumoSprings SuperSprings boasts that it is "redefining suspension standards" in a different way. Its SumoSprings product – a patented design that enhances load-carrying ability, stabi- lizes sway and improves ride quality – is manufactured from a proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane that creates a smooth and progressive spring rate. Now located in Carpinteria, Calif., "Our founders came to America from South Africa, so the original SuperSprings was built on the light-duty workhorse pickups in the outback," says TJ Miller, a chief marketing officer at SuperSprings. The evolution of the SuperSprings product, affectionately named after the company, led to an opportunity in the work truck industry. "We took our SuperSprings and started utilizing bigger components that could serve the larger vehicles in the (North American) work truck industry. Unlike an air bag, SuperSprings don't leak or pop. There's no maintenance, and since they're made of the highest-grade American steel we can get our hands on, they don't break. They just do what the work truck industry needs them to do," Miller says. However, SuperSprings' founders understood there were instances when people still preferred air bags. "Our owner set out to develop a helper spring with the dual benefits of SuperSprings and an air bag in one," Miller says. "SumoSprings maintain fac- tory-like ride quality when unloaded, as if the helper spring is not even there, and gives load support when needed." The product features a progres- sive-spring setup for maximum load sup- port, stability and sway reduction, but the magic is in the unique urethane material. "The best way I can describe it is like Styrofoam, where it's porous and there's little air pockets that, on a micro-cellular level, are covered in a urethane skin, if you will. That way, nothing leaks or pops, like a traditional air bag. You can drill a hole right through it, and SumoSprings would still work. That combination of air and ure- thane dampens, so those properties absorb and dissipate the road vibrations and create a very smooth ride," he explains. Better yet, dealer installation is a breeze, given that SumoSprings does not require any air line or compressor hookups, and it is maintenance-free for consumers, according to Miller. "As we started to promote the Sumo- Springs, we hit a crossover with vans in the commercial segment, light-duty trucks in the traditional automotive aftermarket and Class A, B, C motor- homes in the recreational industry," he says. "Because of this, we now have a clear split between commercial, after- market and recreational applications to make sure we are properly identifying who the customer is that way we can pro- vide them with the right information." As such, company marketing and merchandising materials have matured to include a full online resource center and helpful point-of-purchase items for dealers. Roadmaster Active Suspension Will Agnew, national sales manager for Roadmaster Active Suspension, says his company's system is exclusive in its own right and a valuable addition for daily drivers, trucks that tow fifth wheels or travel trailers, as well as commercial vehicles with a hard day's work ahead. "Anything with a leaf spring, I can help," Agnew says. In business for nearly 25 years, Roadmaster Active Suspension, located in Charlotte, N.C., has made a name for itself by manufacturing one Amer- ican-made product across a variety of vehicle applications, according to Agnew. "RAS is the only aftermarket sus- pension upgrade that converts passive leaf springs into mechanical active sus- pension," he says. "While leaf springs resist load, RAS-transformed leaf springs absorb and dissipate load force energy to constantly correct back to the optimum bowed position." Essentially, it can do the job of three different aftermarket products: a sway bar, traction bar and an air bag, according to Agnew. "It keeps those wheels firmly planted on the ground and acts like a muscle to maintain a nice arch for the leaf springs," he says. The patented design improves load-carrying ability, as well as enhances vehicle performance by controlling sway, sag, body roll, axle wrap, wheel hop and bottoming out. As a result, drivers experience significant improvements in vehicle stability, balance, traction and control – with or without a load. Improved fuel efficiency, ride quality and vehicle safety, as well as reduced driver The SumoSprings product is created using a proprietary closed micro-cellular urethane that creates a smooth and progressive spring rate. "That combination of air and urethane damps, so those properties absorb and dissipate the road vibrations and create a very smooth ride," Miller says.

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