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66 • RV PRO • December 2018 rv-pro.com B U S I N E S S Media Group. "They will be answering the question: 'Would I enjoy working with these people?'" An employer's task is to establish their reputation as the best place to work. "The most common mistake is to focus only on the job at-hand, rather than on establishing relationships with people," he says. If employers make a professional effort to create an attractive online image, they can demand an equal level of profession- alism from people who apply for work, according to Riggs. "You can help assess the seriousness of each candidate by finding out how closely each has studied your social media pres- ence," he says. "Try asking a question such as this: 'Tell me one thing on our Face- book page that you thought was inter- esting or made you want to talk with us?' Anyone who can't give a good answer may not be a promising enough contender." A related point: As employers build a social media presence, think about more than just recruiting, according to Mazin, of Recruit Right. "Ask how your social media activity fits into the rest of your organization," says Mazin. "Be aware that what you post will impact your company's marketing, sales and operations. Coordinate with others in your organization so you do not send out conflicting messages." Build Your Presence Part of the secret to improving a com- pany's online presence is to tie together all of its Internet activities. For example, social media posts can invite people to visit the company website. And once there, those people should be invited to view employment information. "There should be an easy way for visi- tors to find out where the job information is," Mazin says. "This can be as simple as a tab labeled 'Join Our Team' that takes visitors to your employment page." Employers can profile their business in other ways. "Establish company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook, and other social media as appropriate," says Kleiman, the director of employment consulting firm Humet- rics. On each, post invitations to visit the company's other websites, complete with links. "Each can complement the others in a complete recruiting effort." Employers also can connect with promising candidates by being active on their alumni and industry groups that are hosted by LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms. "Post items about new activities, locations, launches, or whatever else is newsworthy about your business," Mazin says. Employers can post messages in those same group forums about their need for people with specific expertise. This gives everyone the chance to get involved with your success. "Everyone likes to receive a job invi- tation," says Craig, the independent management consultant. "And people will appreciate the opportunity to make brownie points with their friends by sug- gesting them for available positions." Pay for Play Informal messaging isn't the only way employers can mine social media for new talent. They also can pay for employment ads. That can be especially effective when employers are in a hurry to fill an opening. "Sometimes ads are successful and sometimes not," says Mazin, of Recruit Right. "It doesn't cost a fortune to try – maybe a few hundred dollars. Ads are good ways to reach candidates who are not actively looking for new positions." The key to success here is to pinpoint efforts, according to Kleiman. "You can buy ads that can be tar- geted to your specific market and demo- graphics," he says. For example, employers may want their ad to be seen only by people who live in nearby zip codes, work at a certain employer, or have experi- ence in a specific job category such as sales. Ordering an ad this way will give employers the most bang for their buck, or in modern day terms, the best candi- date for their "pay per click". Design the ad well. Savvy employers use a variety of employee recruiting tools, including job boards on social media websites as well as outreach efforts on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

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