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22 THE SHOP JANUARY 2019 tomers view REI, Adventure 16 or Burl- ington, Vermont's Outdoor Gear Exchange in the outdoor lifestyle category. So, what do you have in common with the Camping World CEO? Well, he wants to pair the outdoor lifestyle with RVs and camping in his Gander Outdoor stores and Gander RV Sales, while you're looking to provide campers with products and services to get them to enjoy the journey itself. It seems likely the outdoor store, the RV dealer and your shop can coexist and all do well catering to the needs of these 77 million (and growing) camping house- holds. JASON SAKURAI heads up Roadhouse Marketing, a mar- keting, advertising and sales solutions firm dedicated to the automotive aftermarket. A fre- quent contributor to THE SHOP, Jason's byline appears in many enthusiast and trade publications, in print and online. GET OUT! Coincidentally, this cluster of rigs was owned by Gen-Xers who happened to be Asian-American—a growing customer base for outdoor recreation, according to a report from Kamp- grounds Of America (KOA). From a different perspective, the outdoor industry knows trucks/SUVs are needed to get there and back (Photo courtesy SGB Media). Half the fun of adventure travel is checking out different rigs and how they are configured.

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