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28 THE SHOP JANUARY 2019 Y our clients are important, whether you service new car dealers, used car lots, fleet companies or retail customers. You may cater lunch for the sales team at one of your dealerships as a thank you, or take the managers out to dinner. While it's important to show apprecia- tion toward your customers, what do you do to show appreciation for the people responsible for all that hard work? When your shop's full and you need employees to stay late, does everyone jump at the oppor- tunity to help? When riding the wave during a busy month, we often need staff to work after- hours or even come in on weekends. Bonuses are one way to show appreciation when the shop is full to overflowing, but what about a frustrating day or a slower- than-normal week? How do you maintain your employees' motivation? CONSIDER YOUR EMPLOYEES I'll have days where all my managers are occupied and I'm working two phone lines at a time. Suddenly, an installer will run into my office. "I answered line three and put him on hold," he says, as he runs back to the shop. I've been occupied with a customer and have watched members of the installation team and our drivers walk up and greet customers and even ask if they want a cup of coffee as they direct them to the waiting room. Most of our team members are 10-year- plus employees, but even the newer staff members go out of their way to help when needed. I find myself asking what I've done right to have such a supportive team? Then I realize it wasn't me; it was the etiquette embedded in me from my dad and in the business as a whole over the past 43 years. According to an article in Gallup, Re- engineering Performance Management, tra- ditional performance management systems are outdated and ineffective. The article states that only 2-in-10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do out- standing work. How do companies beat the odds? Many shops operate in competitive markets and losing an employee to a competitor would It's important that employees know they're valued. 28 THE SHOP JANUARY 2019 Show Your Appreciation By Courtney Pahlke Teambuilding is an essential component when it comes to what drives motivation at the workplace.

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