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January '19

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20 • A&E JANUARY 2019 all interpret colors differently. Color can be tricky. Poor-quality bitmaps often show poorly when printed. Laser engraving is more forgiving. I usu- ally hand cut and corner full-color badges. This adds to the steps needed to make a badge compared to laser engraving. I charge more for full-color as they have a higher perceived value, and artwork and color matching can take longer as well. As you can print photos with most color produc- tion methods, I.D. badges with photos are another product line you can offer. Another offering is a combination of a full-color logo with engraved names and titles. It is best to offer this product to large customers that have significant ongoing orders. This allows you to print a large number of blanks with logos to have on hand to personalize with name and title as they are needed. Remember the cost of two production processes when pricing this name badge product. BADGE ATTACHMENTS, RIBBONS, AND FRAMES Magnets, pins, double clutches (mili- tary style), pocket holders, swivel clips, and alligator clips are the primary badge attachments. There are also a variety of plastic I.D. holders that accommodate a name badge, although they are mostly used for more complex I.D. badges including photos, magnetic strips, etc. I have also made full-color I.D. badges with photos that use a clip of some type and a neck strap. Industry suppliers offer a line of both metal and plastic badge frames. These frames come in both rectangular shapes and ovals of various sizes. They are a great add-on to a badge order and offer a pro- fessional, classy look. Color bars were used to visually indicate the independent contractor level on these badges. name badge is… to help introduce yourself and increase the retention of your name and business. ENGRAVED NAME BADGES Ba d g e s c a n b e l a s e re d o r ro t a r y engraved. As I am the solo graphic artist and production person at my business, my laser is operating most of the time, so laser engraved name badges are my go-to way of producing them. The laser lets me cut out a badge regardless of size or shape. This eliminates the step of hand cutting each one on a cutting device. It also eliminates cutting corners on badges as well. I can typically produce 49 badges on a single 24-by-1-inch sheet at one time without squeezing. FULL-COLOR NAME BADGES I also UV print full-color badges. Once or twice each week, I print as many as I can at a time. Some customers are picky about colors, especially for their logo. The graphic software you use, the RIP or printer interface, and your computer monitor may I focused on the bump as the design element to highlight.

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