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January '19

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A&E JANUARY 2019 • 23 Sales & Marketing Tips: • First, operate with complete honesty and integrity to yourself and your industry. Let this become your way of life remembering that you become like the people you are around. • Second, you run your business, not your neighbors… you are the boss of your four walls, and what goes on within them is your responsibility. • Third, observe what is working for others and what isn't. Open your eyes and ears to what is going on around you. • Fourth, learn to listen. When you are talking, you are only learning what you think you already know, but when you listen, you may be sur- prised at what others know. It is my belief that it is imperative for both small and larger stores to make a number of adjustments to their business in order to be more competitive in the marketplace in the future. If you were to leave your business for five years and come back, you most likely wouldn't recognize it if things were done correctly in your opera- tion. Of course it is not just a case of being competitive, it is a case of survival. It is not enough to simply address the concerns of what our clients ask us for, but we must anticipate their buying habits. It is also what they don't ask us for, as well as what they need and are going to buy some- place else if we don't offer them what they want. Our stores, both large and small, must stay ahead of the curve on our offerings and service. This involves making decisions on purchasing needed equipment and adding suppliers who have unique offerings for our clients. You may have to search for suppliers that are in other industries that you are not currently involved in. The opportunities are unlimited for the future and present a great boost to your business if you learn to look to the future, not the past. Most of us started our store (our dream) as a single employee or at best a two-person shop. That might have been us and the bank, but the point is that there wasn't the cash flow to have many of the extras in the beginning. When we start out, we often For Advertising Inquiries, Call: 800-669-0424

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