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38 • A&E JANUARY 2019 M y favorite things to sublimate are items to decorate the home. In days gone by, it used to be that having a featured faux wall was only for the elite homeowner that could hire an interior designer. If by chance you were a trendsetter, you would take some of those vogue tips that you might have seen in a magazine, adapt them, and become your own designer. Today it is altogether possible for a person to take their creativeness to the next level with decorating. For a person who has a flair for decorating coupled with sublimation, adding their touch to a home with personalized accessories can set the feeling of warmth. GROUPING PIECES Using items that have personal value in combination with sublimation products is a simple way of customizing a living space. Maybe you bought a vase on a trip overseas that you cherished, and you combine it with a sublimated easel-back plaque of a picture from that trip to be placed alongside of it. Not only have you created a grouping to be admired but something that brings back beautiful memories. Take that same concept to the market- place. When customers are shopping online or in person, what sells is the image they envision in their mind. Creating groupings or vignettes showcases your products, and helps customers visually see how something could work for them. MARKETING LARGE-FORMAT SUBLIMATION The size of the images you can create is dictated by the size of your printer and heat press, which can be a limiting factor in regard to larger items such as a throw blanket or shower curtains. However, there are com- panies like Picthegift that offer wholesale accounts that are happy to print and press oversized sublimated items for you. SUBLIMATION BASICS AND BEYOND By Cheryl Kuchek Cheryl Kuchek is the owner of Just my Imagination DeZigns Inc. and has been active in the personalization industry for over 10 years. Cheryl has a passion for the industry and a love for helping people; she was the first to start a Facebook group to do just that. Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond is a resource to help those first starting out and those who are advanced. Cheryl can be reached at cheryl@just- Take Home Décor to the Next Level with Sublimation Sublimated poly duck canvas at 400 F for 75 seconds. ALL IMAGES COURTESY CHERYL KUCHEK

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