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40 • A&E JANUARY 2019 playing a game, or reading the paper, but the intensity can get tiresome; you'll likely find yourself craving a calmer mood at times, whether that's catching up with friends or unwinding at night. Setting the mood doesn't come from overhead lighting but from lamps (floor lamps or table lamps). I love to see a home that features unique items, especially lamps, and being able to personalize a lampshade for your customer takes it to a new height. Focal Point: Decorating around a focal point is ideal as it is typically one of the first things that a person sees when they walk into a home. In many cases, those spaces have more than one focal point, allowing for more of your sublimated items to be on display. Combining the focal point with personalized items can lend itself to a con- versation piece, which sometimes brings along with it a new customer. Finishing Touches: There is always that one piece that, once you place it, you know that is what was missing. With sub- limation, it makes it easier to add those finishing touches. We live in a digital world where you can match colors or themes right in your software, and then print and press. Whether it be a pillow on the couch, a candle on the table, or a welcome mat at the front door, now you have given your customer the "wow" factor. How about personalized napkins that complement your table settings and add that finishing touch? SELLING TIP When you allow a customer to describe what they are looking for and listen to the details, you can usually upsell them. Say they were looking for a throw blanket for their couch, and you suggest a matching pillow that would go great with it. Another example is someone who is looking for a mug set, and you recommend the same themed coasters to go along with it. Or maybe they have asked for a kitchen towel, and you offer matching oven mitts. You can become a home décor subli- mation expert and the everyday decorator with a knack for making the ordinary look extraordinary. Your ability to distin- guish yourself in the marketplace always comes back to your own unique designing. Many people think they don't know how to design, but once you stop imagining what it should be and start having fun with what you like, you will be amazed at how unique your style is and how much more you will sell because the customers love your one-of-a-kind items. If you have a storefront, setting up vignettes with a combination of sublimated items and other products you currently stock can make your items more visually attractive to a buyer. You start to paint a picture for your customers, giving them a vision of how they can use a similar setup in their own homes. Sometimes items don't sell, but bringing a fresh look can make a difference. For A sublimated plaque, with a matching decorative plate, mug, mug cover, and coaster, creates a great focal point in your customer's home and can also serve as advertising for your business. Sublimated polyester floor mat (400 F for 75 seconds) — a "wow" factor. These napkins are 100 percent polyester and sublimated at 380 F for 60 seconds. Shown here is a sublimated pillow cover; 100 percent polyester pressed at 400 F for 60 seconds.

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