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January '19

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50 • A&E JANUARY 2019 Salchert. Later, in another section of the show, I saw another foosball table, this time free-standing. This one was created by the company Intermac and was full size. A few more common pieces were the blasted panels (shown above) on display showing off contemporary patterns, even though there is a big trend employing large- format printing directly on glass. There were several companies showing off that technology. Another newer way of incorporating technology is the use of sensors and touch pads that can change the glass from clear one minute to an opaque or patterned glass the next. An interesting display was the shower enclosure created by Derix Glass. The shower stall had a floor and back walls consisting of slate that had been gilded with 24-carat gold and then it was laminated to clear glass. There are touch panels inside the shower that create various images in the dark triangle shape and also turn the water on and off. JAW-DROPPING DISPLAYS There were the display pieces that attracted every single attendee at the show at some point in time — there were three pieces that simply made everyone's jaw drop. If you are a glass enthusiast, you can't help but get excited when viewing such constructions. The most impressive of all the instal- lations was a see-saw created completely from low-iron glass. The see-saw, pictured to the left, measured about 30 feet in length and was laminated from 11 layers of glass, pivoting on a glass rod. The weight of the Wine glass with an etched logo on the front surface and text on the other side of glass; blasted with photoresist. A display of contemporary blasted glass panels. These are architectural size, but those kinds of patterns could also be created on awards and recognition pieces. The see-saw made entirely from low- iron glass. It was 30 feet long and weighed in at 1.3 tons. It actually worked, and people were excited to try it out. Made by Sentry Glass Co.

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