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January '19

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A&E JANUARY 2019 • 51 Sandcarving whole construction was listed as 1.3 tons. The see-saw was fully functional and not many could resist the urge to hop on it and set it into motion. It was constructed by Sentry Glass from Kuraray under instruc- tion from Sedak International and Ecker- sley O'Callaghan. Most of us think that glass is a fragile material rather than being something that can carry a lot of weight. To show that glass is quite capable of supporting a lot of weight, Define Engineers bonded two glass panels, each just 2 mm thickness, to each other with DOW bonding technology. They created two panels like that and with a framework of metal bars and cables, sus- pended a car weighing 1.5 tons from it. The car is not touching the ground! (See image above.) Last, but not least, to also show that glass is quite strong, there was a huge swing on display. The structure consisted of hollow glass rods made from Schott glass, of which five rods made up a strut. Each strut was connected with steel nodes that were 3-D printed. A grown man was using the swing to demonstrate that the material supported his weight and also the motion of the swing. The object was a project of BK Bouwkundet U Delft. As usual, after having gone through the show, my head was spinning with all the new information and application tech- niques I had seen. I could not wait to get back to my studio, hoping to be able to make use of the new wave of enthusiasm for upcoming projects. © Ruth L Dobbins 2019 An upside-down car weighing 1.5 tons suspended from two panels of laminated glass no more than 4 mm thick. Who says that glass is fragile? A&E AE0119 | 800.478.2457 | 800.521.4384 DISCOVER YOUR CUSTOM COMBO CREATE MORE WITH PATTERNS With a variety of customizable patterns and color options, CAD-CUT® Patterns are designed with top trends in mind. Combine CAD-CUT® Patterns with other popular Stahls' materials to create and apply unique designs to apparel, accessories, and more. Get involved in editorial opportunities for A&E each month! Call Cassie Green at 720.566.7278 or email

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