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18 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ELECTRIC SIGNAGE bounce back off the face and illuminate the outline of the back side of the let- ter without casting lines or shadows," Bluhm continues. "We would suggest a module that has at least 75-100 lumens and is physically small as to minimize the shadow from the module." Parks is well-versed in the solutions that Principal LED brings to halo-lit letters. He offers that, "Wide-angle- output modules (170 degrees or greater) work great for halo-lit channel letters. Waterproof modules (I P 68) are also important, because many of these appli- cations are exposed to the elements." He points out that brighter modules may be needed with darker backgrounds, but for the most part "because the letters are usually mounted closer to the wall than a face-lit application, you actually can use dimmer modules." From a sign shop perspective, there is even more to consider beyond LED implementation. Shops should recog- nize which customers are good fits for halo-lit projects and the most effective applications. "Primarily our halo-lit customers are banks, hospitals and universities," Wheeler explains. "In most cases their sign is not only for advertising but to also make a statement. With halo-lit letter prices about double the price of traditional face lit letters, the client is naturally a higher-end business." Putting it Together Looking at how a halo-lit channel let- ter sign comes together, there are many phases involved—from design to fabrica- tion to installation. Sign makers should take into account that there may be chal- lenges during any point of this process. Rick's Sign & Lighting Service retrofitted this San Diego sign from neon to Principal LED's Street Fighter Standard in True White. (Images courtesy of Principal LED) Healdsburg Signs made this bar signage pop with Principal LED's Street Fighter Minis. (Image courtesy of Principal LED) completes a range of channel letter projects for its clients, including halo- lit letters. (Image courtesy of

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