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ELECTRIC SIGNAGE Many companies are moving to new, high-efficiency fan-less power supplies, with some achieving over 88 percent effi- ciency. The power supply is typically the most common point of LED display fail- ure. In outdated LED displays, clogged or broken fans cause the supply to overheat and burn up. By removing the fans and increasing efficiency there is a reduction in overall heat from the supplies. The rest of the heat is then dissipated by the aluminum cabinet it is housed on, creat- ing a large heat sink in the rear where airflow quickly cools it. Importance of Weatherproofing LED displays and billboards can be installed in a variety of all-weather envi- Installation of a 6.667mm pixel pitch 10' x 16' LED display comprised of two pre-assem- bled sections of modular cabinets that combine to create a more complex and larger LED display. (Photo credit: Hilton Digital) The finished LED modular display installed at FR8yard is capable of showing live sporting events and other visual entertainment, perfect for day or night viewing. The enhanced outdoor SMD technology for finer pixel pitched appli- cations includes increased brightness, advanced weatherproofing and better color uniformity. (Photo credit: Steve Fincher Photography) The power supply is typically the most common point of LED display failure. 22 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S

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