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32 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S RUNNING THE BUSINESS It Boils Down To Convenience In a way, convenience is actually a combination of salesman- ship, service and delivery. They are the vehicles that create the feeling of convenience in the mind of your customer. Try asking customers (or yourself) why they decided to buy something. Ask what made them decide between you and the other available alternatives. What was the factor that tipped the scales in favor of their eventual decision? Typically, you'll find the words "pleasure", "convenient" or "easier" embedded somewhere in their answers. "It was more convenient to buy the $5 gallon of milk at the corner Quiki-Mart than to go to the supermarket, park the car, stand in the check-out line and save a buck." "It was easier to pay for delivery than to drive across town to pick it up." "When I place my order with Give Me a Sign, Inc., I know I will get exactly what I ask for, when I need it, and I'll have one less thing to worry about. They are a pleasure to do business with." As a business operator, you know you can train your employ- ees to ensure quality, provide better service, practice profes- sional salesmanship and recommend the most efficient delivery options. The one competitive advantage factor that is difficult to teach is how to make the buying process more convenient for your customers. Perform a self-analysis of your company's rules, regulations, policies and procedures for doing business. If these policies turn out to be written more for the convenience of you and your employees than of your customers, don't go touting the fact that you are "customer-friendly." Many companies say they are "full-service," even though doing business with them is tougher than making a four-color, digital vehicle wrap look good. Regardless of what you want your company to be known for, make yourself aware of your customer's perception of how con- venient—or inconvenient—it is to do business with you. Listen passionately for signals that will tell you what would make life easier for them and, ultimately, for you. Good luck. SDG Sellers typically place far too much emphasis on the importance of price to the consumer. I firmly believe that less than one percent of the buying public makes its decision to buy solely on price.

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