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36 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S DIGITAL PRINTING AND FINISHING DIGITAL GRAPHICS such as canvas prints, banners, posters, a print-only device paired with a stand-alone vinyl cutter may be a better-suited option than an integrated printer/cutter. When there's a job that does require contour cutting, RIP software such as Roland VersaWorks 6.0 can generate crop marks that are read by an optical eye, allowing the cutter to detect where the vectors are located for cutting. Integrated printer/cutters offer smaller shops with plenty of jobs that require both printing and cut- ting an all-in-one device that can not only save time and effort, but also space when it's limited." He explains that the applications for integrated printer/ cutters or stand-alone devices are the same for the most part. Popular applications include vehicle graphics/wraps, decals, and heat transfers for apparel and accessories. Banners, posters and POP displays are also popular applications that can be performed on either setup as well. Roland TrueVIS VG Series Valade notes that the Roland TrueVIS VG Series continues to be an incredibly popular family of printer/cutters for the Roberts says that Roland's VersaUV LEC series printer/cut- ters also allow users to create premium textured accents with gloss and white inks for finishes that truly bring designs to life. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA Corp.) company. "The incredibly vivid images at high print speeds, wide color gamut and ease of use are just a few reasons these next-generation inkjets printer/cutters are selling so well. Of course, all Roland printer/cutters come with included Roland VersaWorks 6 RIP software. The performance versus cost ratio on the TrueVIS VG is unparalleled in the industry." Valade says for shops looking for a stand-alone printer and cutter, the VersaEXPRESS RF-640 pairs perfectly with the their CAMM-1 GR-640 large-format cutter. "The workflow from one device to the other is incredibly simple when using Roland VersaWorks 6.0. All the user needs to do is drag the job from the printer queue into the cutter queue and hit 'send.' Whatever the best solution may be for a PSP, Roland has the devices in its lineup to accommodate those specific needs." Finishing Options From Canon Paar says that combination printer/cutter devices for roll printing applications such as decals have the appeal of being a low-cost solution, however, one has to consider that with one of these systems you are either printing or cutting. "That being said, productivity is roughly half that compared to using two dedicated devices. If the one printer/cutter breaks down, you are totally out of production. This can quickly cost you not only customers but more than what you saved up front on purchasing a combo device." Paar notes that matching a roll printer with an X-Y cutter or vinyl contour cutter or matching a rigid board printer with a flatbed cutter seems logical, however, the most versatile solu- tion is to utilize a flatbed cutter together with a wide enough roll-off unit to accommodate your widest roll printer and still be able to cut your 4 x 8-foot boards. He adds that users can produce pretty much any popular graphics app with the right equipment. For example, such as a flatbed cutter equipped with a router, oscillating knife, kiss-cut, v-cut and drag knives and creasing wheels. Paar says that when looking to purchase, shops should consider not only what applications they want to finish today (Image courtesy of Roland DGA Corp.)

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