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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2019 • 45 it's included, customer is happy, but the image doesn't detract from the overall advertisement. We did a full wrap for a local plant nursery and they didn't have any photos that were high enough resolution, but they did want to use images from their own nursery. In this case the customer paid for us to go out and take high-res- olution photos that the customer could choose from for use on their wrap. It was a cost-effective way for the customer to include high-resolution images of their own product. Stock Artwork Another option is to look for an image that is similar to what the customer is wanting but is already optimized for use at a large size. Photo sites like shutterstock. com, and offer a huge assortment of subjects in different sizes at reasonable prices. Be sure to read through the licensing policies before using an image. An important thing to point out is the time spent searching for artwork. Typically we suggest that the customer If the image has good contrast you can import and vectorize it within your vector-based software. searches through these sites and notes the images that they like. We can download thumbnails of the images they like and can work them into the proofing process to see what works best. Once the cus- tomer finalizes their decision either they can download the image and provide it to us or we can download it for them and we'll add the image cost to their invoice. The other option is for the customer to pay us by the hour to search through sites and gather images for them to choose from. If the customer is not tech savvy, simply wants guidance, or doesn't have the time then they may hire us to do this. It's important that you don't give away your time doing these searches as it can be very time consuming; especially with an indecisive customer. Recreation When we're dealing with a logo that is too low resolution to use then we look at ways to recreate it. If it's line art that could only be provided as a low res raster file then vectorizing the artwork and cleaning up the lines using tools built into our vector-based program is

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