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54 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S SPECIALTY IMAGING DIGITAL GRAPHICS align the edges of a graphic on the grout lines, as this may cause premature lifting of the graphic," Gerlach says. For rough surfaces such as sidewalks, 3M recommends using films with a more aggressive adhesive, like 3M Scotchcal Graphic Film 3662, Smith says. The films can be installed using a stiff-bristled brush to work the material into the con- tours, keeping the film down and flat to prevent lifting and increasing the film's expected life performance, he says. FloorSignage, LLC, offers a substrate, AlumiGraphics Grip, that can conform to various textures without heat because the foil base material is pliable and has a special adhesive that makes it easy to apply and remove, Causey says. "When vinyl-based films are applied to outdoor walkways, the graphics will typically require heat to conform to tex- tured surfaces," Causey says. "The floor graphic substrates made by FloorSignage, LLC, are designed with the end user in mind. No matter what the planned post- ing period is, we always recommend applying test swatches of each material you are considering on the intended sur- face to compare and confirm compatibil- ity and expected performance." With both smooth and rough sur- faces, the areas for the installation should be clean of any dirt and free of loose tiles or flooring, Roba says. Once the graphics are installed, they should be inspected regularly, and any graphic with edges that are lifting should be removed, replaced or repaired, because they present a slip hazard, Roba says. "Since you have no control (over) what can happen once floor graphics are installed either indoors or outdoors, only choose materials that have a combination of certifications for wet and dry environ- ments, including UL 410, ANSI B101.3 and HB198," Causey says. "Films and overlaminates that do not have these cer- tifications should be avoided as a safety precaution." A Non-Laminate Option Infinity Media Co. in Countryside, Illinois, offers a different kind of floor The StreetRap product from Mactac used on a sidewalk. (Image courtesy of Mactac.) Infinity Media provides wayfinding graphics for a park to help visitors navigate the area. Alumigraphics Grip on a public sidewalk to advertise a pizza delivery promotion. EZGrip Graphics on the floor inside a children's hospital used for directional purposes. (Image courtesy of Alumigraphics.)

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