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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2019 • 55 graphic that does not require lamination. "It's just print, cut and place," says Russell Nicoletti, president of Infinity Media Company. "Laminate gets torn up. This is a better, quicker way to put out floor graphics that pop." Infinity Media released Floor Appeal in March 2018, for indoor and outdoor floor graphics that do not need the lami- nation step, which may need to be redone if the laminate sticks or wrinkles. FloorAppeal has a scratch-resistant coating, is made out of fabric polyester that is difficult to tear, contains anti-slip glass beads and has a high bright white point, so that cleaning removes the dirt but not the ink," Nicoletti said. "It means the media itself is white," Nicoletti says. "When they print on it, the colors pop very well." FloorAppeal can last six months to a year indoors and up to six months out- doors. It features a LOW-TAC version for smooth indoor surfaces, such as plastic laminates, wood, linoleum, tile and car- peting and HIGH-TAC for smooth out- door surfaces like concrete, paving stone, some bricks and plush and shag carpet- ing. HIGH-TAC EX has extra strength for rough outdoor surfaces like aging concrete, asphalt and brick. "Our material is so strong, it doesn't tear," Nicoletti says. "It's very durable." Comparatively, laminated graphics can peel and tear and the corners can lift because of the glued adhesive, Nicoletti says. FloorAppeal is simple to use, requir- ing fewer steps for installation than lami- nated graphics, Nicoletti says. The wax paper liner protecting the adhesive needs to be removed, and as the liner is slowly pulled off, the graphic needs to be lined up and smoothed, he says. The graphic is laid down by hand or with a roller or soft squeegee, he says. "When you're dealing with vinyl, if that stuff sticks together, you can't pull it apart," Nicoletti says. "With ours, if it sticks, you just pull it apart and it un-sticks. When you go to take it up, it comes up in one piece." Graphics on Carpeting Graphics on carpeting require special treatment to make sure the installation is successful. Roba recommends using a permanent adhesive for carpet graphics to address the difficulty of film adhering to carpet. The permanent adhesive still can be removed once the graphic is no longer needed or is at the end of its life, he says. "When placed on carpeting, the edges of floor graphics can more easily be caught or lifted than when applied to hard, rigid flooring," Causey says. "Additionally, graphics on carpet can be punctured with sharp objects, including high heels." Causey recommends selecting a dimensionally stable material that lies flat and is puncture- and tear-resistant, such as FloorSignage's new material, EZGrip Graphics, that can be used on a variety of indoor flooring types including carpeting. Once the right materials are selected for carpeting, the graphics add color and decoration to an otherwise plain surface. "Decoration on top of carpeting, it adds flair," Nicoletti says. "When they see the graphic on there, it catches their eye." SDG Image courtesy of Mactac. Create powerful and lasting outdoor concrete/ asphalt floor graphics with StreetRAP ™ media and PERMACOLOR ® FloorGRIP ™ overlaminate. The perfect combo for slip-resistant floor graphics. 866-622-8223 Ask us about StreetTRAX™, our new no-laminate floor graphic media.

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