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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2019 • 65 right system isn't in place. As a first step, a sign shop should contact the location that will house the banner stand to ensure it's in compliance, says Natalie Whited, vice president of marketing for Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, a wholesale supplier of banner stands, exhibits and displays. Each event hall can have its own regu- lations for banner stands, so sign shops should be aware of any potential limita- tions before designing a custom solution. For example, height guidelines are often stipulated by the event hall. "A lot of large exhibit halls or envi- ronments have requirements for fire safety, and the same goes for hotels," says Whited. "They may have require- ments on materials that are flammable or require that those materials be set up away from lights. Often, they'll also have requirements for the types of hanging hardware. It's a matter of exploring all the details about the project and the loca- tion of where the hanging banner will live and for what duration of time." Once a sign shop understands the location's requirements, it can start con- sidering the banner system's aesthetics, says Scott Freeman, president of Hang- Ups Unlimited, a provider of display aids. For an exterior system, wall-mounted tracks with grommets that use tensioning are an option and allow for banners of different heights. A spring tension ban- ner system is another popular option and work wells for custom applications. To help pick the type of system that fits the client's vision, Freeman recom- mends asking the client to provide some examples. "I always recommend asking the cus- tomers to look around first to see what's being used in their vicinity and take a picture of the various banners," Freeman says. "From that picture, they can tell you what they like about it or don't like about it, and you can try to customize a solution for them." Offering a Customized Solution For the most flexibility, John Siegenthaler, president of Lind Sign Spring Group, a provider of fabric A custom hanging banner is an effective way to capture attention. (Photo courtesy Orbus Exhibit & Display Group.) By using a spring tension system, a sign shop can place a banner on corrugated metal. (Photo courtesy Lind SignSpring Group.)

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