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66 • January 2019 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL graphic installation systems, recommends a customizable banner system that can work with a variety of surfaces. This includes both flat and curved surfaces as well as cinderblock, textured brick, cor- rugated metal siding and stucco. While these surfaces have gener- ally been difficult for banners, a spring tension system makes these surfaces compatible. "There are many applications that can allow sign companies to go outside their own proverbial box," Siegenthaler says. "Think business wallscapes on-premise. Think murals made to scale the blank walls in your community." Hanging banners also offer customization, and Whited finds more end users are searching for a unique solution. A customized hanging banner is a great way to differentiate a brand, and it adds an element of architectural design into an interior space. While many spaces, such as retail stores, corporate environments, airports and universities, are a fit for custom hanging banners, trade shows are an especially big market for customization. "We're seeing a lot of demand for customized hanging banners for trade shows," Whited says. "When you walk down the aisle of trade show hall, you'll see any island exhibitor with a hanging structure to call out company identity. With so many exhibitors in one place, having a banner with a unique look and appearance will catch more attention than a banner that's a standard shape or size." Although there is a big market for large hanging banners, many sign shops avoid this application because they don't have the capa- bility to print and sew large hanging fabric banners, Whited says. However, this isn't reason to pass on providing hanging banners. Sign shops instead can partner with their banner provider to help fabricate the banner, so they don't have to miss out on this rev- enue stream. Alternatively, there are also banner stand systems that don't require any sewing for sign shops that don't have that capacity, Freeman says. These systems instead rely on adhesives that make pulled pockets. Banner Stand Logistics When considering a banner stand system, longevity typically comes into question. Of course, banner stands come with their Stick BravoTabs use clear adhesive Bravo Tabs in the place of grommets. (Photo cour- tesy of Banner Ups.) Apply Clear PowerTape—Single sided Clear PowerTape takes place of folded hem. (Photo courtesy of Banner Ups.) Punch holes—Punch through tabs and tape. (Photo courtesy of Banner Ups.) Even water towers can house banners, making for a unique appli- cation. (Photo courtesy Lind SignSpring Group.) Even outdoors, banners typically hold up well in harsh weather. (Photo courtesy Lind SignSpring Group.)

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