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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • January 2019 • 67 own warranties and guarantees, but they are generally made to last for the long term. Often, the type of substrate ends up dictating the longevity of the banner, though the stand system itself is designed to hold up, Freeman says. "If you have a top and bottom bar, you're not really putting any stress on the fabric other than the weight of the fab- ric itself, so the fabric lasts a long time," Freeman says. "There are different qual- ity fabrics that are rated for different uses and thicknesses, so how the fabrics hold up can really determine longevity." Even in bad weather, banner systems tend to hold up well, Freeman says. Freeman works with banner tracks that are made of the same aluminum used in exterior windows, so the material is inherently sturdy. Along with your tra- ditional banner stands, Siegenthaler says spring tension systems perform well in harsh weather. "There have been instances of tor- nadoes coming through our markets in Ohio and taking down billboard faces, yet the vinyl is still completely intact," Siegenthaler says. "Each spring holds about four pounds of banner tension. Multiply that for every linear foot once installed, and you have your overall ban- ner tension. Spring tension is unique because it has a lot of give." Given their durability, banner stands can be used multiple times, and if a sign shop is savvy in how it arranges future graphics, it could be a source of recurring revenue. To create that kind of revenue stream, Siegenthaler recommends that sign shops set up an exclusive agreement with their clients to maintain ownership of the banner system. Whenever the client needs new graphics, the sign shop auto- matically has rights to the job and can change the graphics with little manpower. With their versatility and customiza- tion options, banner stands are a great way to offer your customers a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet their needs. Whether it's for a large trade show or small interior space, banners are an effective way to make a lasting impres- sion. SDG Universities are a popular location for large-format banners. (Photo courtesy Lind SignSpring Group.) Hang banners with rope. No grommets or hem folding needed. (Photo courtesy of Banner Ups.)

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