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2 0 1 9 J A N U A R Y P R I N T W E A R 1 9 ful landscapes and rich colors. A tropical destination with wildflowers, palm trees, and a sunset on the water would be just the right look. We gave form to our concept by initiat- ing a pencil drawing to visualize the idea. A frame added a decorative quality to our portrait. Bungalows and open terraces incorporated additional textures. Wood grains and bamboo lattice gave a rustic beach atmosphere. Adding floral arrangements brought up the color. The textured paper made the pencil grainy which worked for tonal effects. The darkest lines in the pencils became a knock out so the black would show through to help with definition. After a few basic colors were laid down for light and shadow, we painted in highlights from the sunset using the airbrush tool. Opacity and flow settings acted like an actual airbrush to apply soft shades and continuous tone throughout. We used warm yellow and orange on the outer shape of Elton and added highlights and shadows to the suit and chair as well. We threw in a hula dancer reflection in Elton's sunglasses but tried not to overdo the detail in this small area. We pulled out highlights and shadows from each object to create volume. The wood was done with a similar approach, taking the darkest parts of the grain and knocking it Best in Class Production Mimaki's TS55-1800 dye-sublimation printer offers new levels of quality and productivity for digital textile printing. Two new optional units, the mini jumbo roll and 10 kg ink supply, allow for unattended continuous printing. A maximum output of up to 1,506 sqft/hr can be achieved in four-color mode.

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