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2 0 1 9 J A N U A R Y P R I N T W E A R 3 1 about your calendar being perfect. There will always be something to take up your time, and you can (and should) revisit your plans regularly. No matter where you start, you will benefit by increasing your awareness of upcoming events and making an effort to warn yourself before critical deadlines. Whether your calendar covers mar- keting or maintenance, any event you fill in is one less to forget, and any attempt at planning can make you more accountable as you regularly access this roadmap. THE ROAD AHEAD Commit to start planning and measuring your business now. Any movement on this front will drive change no matter how small. Start tracking one aspect of your production and talk about it with your employees. Plan for the next immediate goal and decide on the first concrete action you need to do. Pencil in some non-production, big- picture tasks for the next 2–4 weeks. Take a deep breath, put 20 minutes on the clock, and get rolling. Don't worry if the direction is wrong at first; we can't steer a vehicle that's not moving. Pick a direction, start moving, and correct your course as you go. With a goal ahead and a knowledge of the history behind, success can't help but get closer. PW Erich Campbell has more than 18 years of experience as an award-winning digitizer, e-commerce manager, and industry educator. He empowers decorators to do their best work and achieve greater success. A current educator and long-time columnist, Erich takes every opportunity to provide value to the industry. Find more information on Erich and his publications at Recording production in a cloud-based system not only makes analy- sis easy, it enhances our ability to be responsive and accountable to our customers. This means we aren't only measuring but reporting and improving through transparency as well as allowing all of our team members to be empowered by access to the information.

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