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FEBRUARY 2019 THE SHOP 17 N o -prep is the hot, new buzzword in drag racing today. And while it sometimes means different things to different people, it's still a great opportunity for speed shops. Drag racers are always looking for an edge, which means your products and knowledge are very much in demand. It makes sense to get involved in your local scene, establishing yourself and your shop as the go-to outlet to find that extra 1/10- second advantage. For help navigating this market we turned to manufacturers of drag racing parts, asking about the no-prep scene, what's working and how shops can capi- talize on its popularity. TAKE IT TO THE TRACK The manufacturers stressed that while no- prep drag racing is sometimes synonymous with street racing, they in no way condone illegal speed contests of any type, and neither should you. Drag racing should never be done anywhere but at a track or closed course. "It's no mistake that no-prep drag racing has captured the eyes of the current gen- eration of young motorsports enthusiasts. Its gain in popularity is with little doubt a result of television entertainment spec- Prepping for the No-Prep Crowd FEBRUARY 2019 THE SHOP 17 It's time to meet these dedicated, enthusiastic racers. By John Carollo No-prep classes have been built into sanctioned and legal drag racing organizations in an effort to create a safe environment for weekend warriors who want to exercise their passion within class rules and guidelines. (Photos courtesy Redemption No Prep Series/Facebook)

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