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FEBRUARY 2019 THE SHOP 21 Gerko agrees that no-prep should not mean dangerous and outlaw. "So long as it's done at a well-maintained drag racing facility, with the necessary safety equipment, it's no more dangerous than prepped racing," he says. Stacy and Floquet also note that no-prep is filled with dedicated, passionate racers that can turn into return customers. "I think people view no-prep as outlaw, but these are talented race teams that prob- ably put more time into testing and pre- paring than most," Floquet says. Smith, too, believes that some may underestimate no-prep participants. "One of the biggest misconceptions is that it is wild and reckless, when really it often has some of the most impressive drag racers out there, who are confident in not only their cars but their driving abilities as well," he explains. GET IN THE RACE While the no-prep market continues to take shape, there are racers out there today buying parts and services. So, what are some hot tips for shops looking to increase no-prep-related business in their areas? "Support the no-prep scene," says Aero- motive's Stacy. "These guys buy lots of parts Drag racers are always looking for an edge, which means your products and knowledge are very much in demand. (Photo courtesy Mantic Clutch USA) Despite its "outlaw" persona, no-prep drag racing includes many talented drivers who are confident in their abilities and their vehicles. (Photo courtesy ididit Inc.) Be sure to have the products no-prep racers want in stock and ready for installation. (Photos courtesy Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels) ROGUESERIES.COM THERMOTEC.COM DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME SUPPRESSOR MAT BRINGING THE BEST HEAT AND SOUND SOLUTIONS TO THE PERFORMANCE INDUSTRY ROGUE SERIES TURBO COVER/KIT EXHAUST INSULATING WRAPS

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