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FEBRUARY 2019 THE SHOP 23 Prepping for the No-Prep Crowd No-prep racers put plenty of time into testing and preparing their vehicles. (Photos courtesy Crower Cams) and are willing to try the next new product. They use race fuel, NOS, oil, spark plugs, etc., just like the other racers." Mantic Clutch USA's Gerko adds that shops can take the next step by hosting or sponsoring local events. It's all about getting noticed by no-prep racers in your area, ididit's Smith agrees. "We truly believe in making your pres- ence known in your local community. Be involved in your local car shows and get involved in any events that your local drag strip is hosting. This is where you are going to meet the racers," he recommends. "They are the normal, everyday people who love cars as much as we do." Raymond from PerTronix Performance Brands has one more issue to pay atten- tion to. While many no-prep race vehicles qualify as track-only, there are some racers who also drive these vehicles on the street. That means shops need to consider the CARB- and EPA-compliance regulations in their areas before installing certain compo- nents that affect air or emissions. "I think everyone knows in today's world that installing any device that alters or modifies a vehicle's emission system is against Federal law as well as the laws of the many states adopting the CARB (California) standards for emissions," he explains. "This even includes the modifi- cation of EGR valves and smog pumps on classic muscle cars. It's in the best interest of the shop to be aware of these guidelines, as fines can be hefty." Mickey Thompson's Kundrik builds on that awareness by recommending shops watch drivers closely at the track to see which parts they prefer. "Pay attention to what tires the racers are using, for example, and then make sure you have them in stock at all times." Crower's Floquet agrees that to properly serve the burgeoning no-prep drag racing scene, it pays to have what racers want, when they need it. "Most no-prep is for big money, so if a racer is in need, they aren't afraid to spend whatever it takes to stay competitive." The challenge and excitement associated with no-prep drag racing is bringing new blood to the sport. (Photos courtesy Aeromotive Inc.)

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