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32 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 Anti-Friction for Gears LIQUI MOLY, Santa Ana, California, presents MoS2 Anti-Friction for Gears gearbox oil additive that alleviates problems with manual gear shifting. Add MoS2 Anti- Friction for Gears to the gearbox oil to reduce wear and make shifting easier. It includes the solid lubricant MoS2, which balances out unevenness of the metal surfaces and reduces wear. Furthermore, the thermal load in the gearbox is made smaller. The formulation is suitable for use in classic cars and in new vehicles with synchronized gearboxes. Ford Exhaust Banks Power, Azusa, California, introduces its new 4-inch Monster Exhaust with CoolCuff for 2017- '19 Ford F-250/350/450 Super Duty 6.7-liter applications. The DPF-back exhaust system features constant-diameter 4-inch mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel tubing and the exclusive CoolCuff exhaust gas temperature reduction system. It reduces temps as much as or more than stock while cutting power-robbing backpressure. A variety of tip options are available. Custom-Blend Lubricants VP Racing Fuels, San Antonio, presents its new Classic, Traditional and Custom lubricant product lines. VP Classic non-synthetic SAE 30, 10W-30 and 20W-50 racing oils are formulated to provide superior film strength with friction-reducing additive as well as high levels of ZDDP. Classic SAE 80W-90 API GL-4 Hi-Performance Gear Oil is for classic car manual transmissions. VP's Traditional non-synthetic racing oils in SAE 50 and 60 offer a heavier base oil cut. Custom blends include VP NITRO SAE 70 Hi- Performance Racing Oil for nitro engines and more. Cool Fuel Supply Aeromotive Inc., Lenexa, Kansas, presents the Apex Phantom that utilizes advanced, patent- pending jet siphon technology to provide a constant supply of cool fuel to the Phantom bladder. From extreme cornering loads to extreme off-angle vehicle environments, the Apex Phantom maintains fuel supply to the in-tank Phantom pump and bladder assembly, even when fuel tank levels are low and fuel is moving away from the pump location. It is designed with 4 feet of gasoline- and ethanol-rated suction line and a controlled pickup. Metalized Matting Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), Avon Lake, Ohio, offers its versatile GOLD Metalized Radiant Matting to reduce the harmful and damaging effects of heat. Heat Screen GOLD is manufactured from a high-temperature- rated metalized polyimide film bonded to a robust 20-ounce heat-treated glass fiber base material. Capable of reflecting direct heat up to 800 degrees and radiant heat up to 1,100 degrees, Heat Screen GOLD has been proven in heat flux tests to reduce heat 36 percent. Performance Brake Pads Centric Parts, Carson, California, a division of APC Automotive Technologies, introduces Posi Quiet (PQ) PRO next- generation premium performance disc brake pads. Developed to address brake fade, weak braking response and excessive noise, the pads feature Mu500 friction coating technology that provides instant stopping power out of the box, conditions the rotor sweep area and eliminates the need for time-consuming break-in procedures. PQ PRO also quickly removes GEOMET or thermal paint from the face of a fully coated rotor. PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS

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