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36 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 The biggest misconception concerning Polyurethane component upgrades is … … that they squeak. Polyurethane itself doesn't squeak any more or less than rubber. It's about slippage between the bushing and the metal components, usually the sleeve. The only thing you have to do is grease your bushings as the instructions dictate during installation. That's it. Polyurethane gets a bad rap because the user generally falls short on this step. All Energy Suspension bushings come with Formula 5 Prelube. Use it! An unexpected benefit for shops that offer Polyurethane upgrades is … … the ease of installation and the ability to offer affordable performance upgrades as part of routine maintenance, often saving the customer money over OE parts. If you're doing ball joints, you can offer to replace the control arm bushings while you're at it for less money than the job would cost doing it from scratch. Working on a suspension upgrade? Offer to replace the sway bar bushings while you're in there—one of Energy Suspension's most common, affordable and noticeable upgrades. You can make a huge difference in the performance of your customer's car while addressing other areas if you know where to look, putting a little extra money in your pocket with an easy sale while making your customer happy about get- ting an upgrade while you're already in there. It's a win-win. P olyurethane suspension compo- nents are a popular professional upgrade that offer real-world per- formance benefits to a variety of vehicles. From the latest 4x4s to road-taming sports cars, polyurethane bushings, mounts and related products outper- form stock rubber, offering greater vehicle control and a more stable feel. Shops can easily take advantage of polyurethane benefits by installing model-specific kits that include every- thing needed to improve a vehicle's ride and handling characteristics. Below, manufacturers share tips on their latest hot-sellers, and what to expect from this attractive market niche. ENERGY SUSPENSION San Clemente, California Pete Williamsen Marketing Director Our hottest Polyurethane suspen- sion product for 2019 is … … our line of Rock-Flex Suspension products, making their debuts for the JL Wrangler, with many more applica- tions to follow. Its best features include … … a game-changing new group of off- road-centric polyurethane technologies that offer huge performance upgrades for little investment. Our Rock-Flex Progressive bump stops are a true bolt- in performance upgrade that allow for much more aggressive off-road driving and our Rock-Flex control arm bush- ings function like a misalignment joint for the factory control arms to allow an additional 25-percent articulation per joint. In addition, our Rock-Flex lower control arm bushings also feature a caster adjust- ment option that turns the factory lower control arm into a true high-performance adjustable control arm. These products can be purchased individually or are available in one of our Rock-Flex 1.5-2-inch Adjustable Suspension Systems. The complete system allows the JL Wrangler to function like it has an expensive aftermarket suspension upgrade. The types of vehicles that benefit the most from Polyurethane upgrades are … … any vehicle where a performance upgrade is wanted or needed! Polyurethane is far more durable, and creates better han- dling and much more responsive steering and acceleration. Take Control Polyurethane components bring the drive alive. Polyurethane technologies can offer big performance upgrades for little investment. (Photo courtesy Energy Suspension) 36 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019

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