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46 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 W hen you come across a p ro d u c t c a t e g o r y t h a t applies to literally every vehicle on the road today, the profit poten- tial becomes extremely bright. Automotive lighting, both interior and exterior, has been producing huge oppor- tunities since the introduction of LED and OLED technology. Both technologies bring numerous possibilities in automotive applications. It's no wonder that as each year passes, more and more automakers are phasing out incandescent light bulbs that date all the way back to the 1800s. LED advantages over incandescent lighting are numerous: • Run extremely cool • Resistant to vibration • Extremely compact • Light up much quicker • Last the life of the vehicle • Emit different colors of light The auto industry's first reveal of LED was the 1984 Corvette's third brake light. With the brighter illumination 0.2 seconds faster, at 75 mph the time translated to 21 feet of extra braking distance warning. This safety concept has been transformed in a multitude of ways, bringing us safer roads and highways around the world. A high-brightness white LED emits light at a similar color temperature to that of day- light, thus improving visibility. Here at Automotive Concepts, we install LIGHTEN UP LED technology has opened up a world of customization possibilities. Dino Perfetti LED lighting technology offers tremen- dous upgrade opportunities for every car on the road. Most vehicles on the road today have in excess of 40 bulbs throughout the vehicle. With half located in the interior, upgrades are desired by drivers and passengers. (Photo courtesy Diode Dynamics)

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