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52 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 It dawned on me recently that my drivers have not only been helpful around the office, but have been my eyes and ears at dealerships. Last month, I wrote an article about appreciating your employees by doing little things year-round to show gratitude for their hard work. I asked for one of my driver's opinions regarding some dealership wait times. He informed me about having to walk in the dark, in cold conditions to get some of the vehicles out of the lot. I was thankful he told me, as I can imagine this would be frustrating for anyone. I called my sales rep and informed him of the issues we were having with an account. He drove over to the dealership and they agreed on a system. Simply put, if my driver hadn't men- tioned the issue, this may have grown worse over time, resulting in pessimism toward the employees at the dealership. This would obviously give my company a bad face over time, as it could potentially reflect through my employee the remainder of the day while at other dealerships. DRIVING YOUR REPUTATION My drivers watched me make changes to help them with vehicle wait times. They know I'm doing my best to listen to what they say. If we have them organized, they walk in organized. We've had situations in the past where a driver will get dropped off and after running around the different departments, the vehicle was a no-show, or someone called assuming the vehicle was in service. We make sure we have a tag number and repair order on the vehicle; this way the vehicle is more likely to be available for pick-up. The simple things go a long way when it comes to showing your drivers you care about their daily experience. Are you losing accounts or have you had any slowdowns? It may be time to pay a visit to the dealership and see what's going on. The Faces of Your Business We give our drivers the tools and support they need, so they can give our dealerships the best service possible.

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