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60 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 Autonomous vehicles. V2X communication. Self-driving. If you're like me, you are starting to grow tired of everyone proclaiming what they think is coming to the vehicle elec- tronics category down the road. I prefer solid facts on what's here already or about to appear, instead of what might be. How can a modern-day business react to things that are possibly 10-30 years away? In the meantime, we have customers to serve today. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for product advancements, and particularly safety innovations. But simply planning for the future will not cover my electric bill this month or help me meet payroll next Friday. So, in this article we're focusing on what's cur- rently happening in the vehicle technology a f t e r m a r k e t , a n d forecasting just the next two years. What are some of the emerging vehicle technologies to capitalize on in our business? There are a lot of current products available to meet consumer electronics demands. The ADAS (advanced driver-assistance sys- tems) market is thriving and will continue to grow in the next two years. Despite Federal mandates like rear backup cameras being standard on 2019 models, the product category as a whole continues to perform very well for the aftermarket. Even for these brand-new models, the door is being opened for front- facing cameras or blind-spot cam- eras to complement the factory tech. Now that people are used to having a camera view show up on their OE screen, let's introduce them to other camera angles that can make driving safer. When people see the benefits of having a product like a backup camera, they immediately think about an older-model vehicle they have or that has been passed down to another driver in the household. That older car, truck or SUV can benefit from new technology as well, and the after- market is here to provide it. Technology Transfer How should you be navigating the next two years? By Josh Poulson 60 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2019 There are a lot of current prod- ucts available to meet consumer electronics demands. These days, relying on this technol- ogy means relying a lot more on third-party manu- facturers. It's absolutely critical to partner with sup- pliers whose products work flawlessly with today's high-tech vehicles.

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