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February '19

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8 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 M any awards and trophy shops can branch out into signage, particularly small format, using the equipment they already have on hand, such as laser engraving machines, sublimation equipment, and direct print machines. Small-format signage can have different layers using different materials. Getting creative with signage can really make you stand out from your competi- tors, and often you don't have to spend a lot of money to get this segment of your business up and running. SIGNAGE OPPORTUNITIES You can start simple with display signs for your showroom. Get creative by mixing plastic, aluminum, sublimation, heat transfer vinyl, or even hand-paint some of your signs. Adding in elements such as standoffs also gives more depth to your signage and helps it stand out even more. Heat transfer vinyl can be cut using a laser engraving machine, or for regular vinyl, you need a plotter cutter. Layering and combining different elements can help a sign stand out in your shop as an example of what you can do for your customers. Offering wayfinding options is another great way to get started with signs. Any new business or building is going to need these types of signs. A lot of wayfinding signage needs to be updated regularly, so you can continue your signage work with a business for years to come. Start with an ADA sheet stock such as Duets Tactiles or a similar product. There are a wide variety of colors and thicknesses available across the board. If you prefer, you can buy stock signs as well. Many manufacturers and suppliers offer several choices in the most common ADA signage such as restrooms. Offering name plates and signs for things like meeting rooms is a good way to get your foot in the door of a local busi- ness. Signage is a crucial component of any successful business — signs can be a Brenna Walsh is the Communications Specialist at JDS Industries in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She specializes in public relations and has extensive knowledge of products along with a substantial background in writing. Additional Business Avenues: Small-Format Signage INCORPORATE SIGNAGE INTO YOUR BUSINESS USING CURRENT EQUIPMENT By Brenna Walsh

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