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February '19

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10 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 a business to use on any car, truck, trailer, or van. Professionally designed vinyl let- tering decals are sure to get a business or storefront noticed. These products are also still on the small side, meaning your current equipment is capable of producing them. Producing signage for events can also be a great gateway for your shop into small- format signage. You could produce signage for local car or tractor shows, craft shows, pet shows, or concerts, but there's more. Yo u c a n a l s o create promo- tional products for each event, such as tumblers, keychains, and T-shirts. Don't forget to add your business information somewhere so people can take home a piece of what you have to offer. Memorials are yet another way to get into small-format signage. You can help your customers honor a beloved pet with an affordable, unique pet memorial marker that can be placed in a garden. You can use sublimation for a full-color effect and also sublimate a picture of the animal right on the marker. EFFECTIVE SIGNAGE The overall effectiveness of your sig- nage services is ultimately tied to aes- thetics. While things like implementation and placement matter, it's pertinent that you start with the design process. Spe- cifically, pay attention to color, materials, contrast, and size. You want your signage to be eye catching, while also informative and effective. The implementation of signage can be just about as important as the design pro- cess. If not properly placed, the time spent creating intricate, attractive designs will be wasted. Consider the viewpoint of the sign, along with lighting, placement, and local regulations. Again, do your research on each individual client you're working with to determine these factors. Even in an age where internet marketing, digital advertisement, and television adver- tisement take front stage, physical signage still holds incredible value. Take the time to develop something that truly represents the brand of the business you're working with and reaches its customers. A&E Many businesses need several different types of signage including name badges for employees.

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