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A&E FEBRUARY 2019 • 29 becoming lime or a neon color. It relates back to what you see in nature during the spring and summer seasons. Pepper Stem plays well with any hue from this color palette. Toffee, PMS #18-1031 A yummy hue that definitely reminds me of the candy. It is one of the more grounded hues in the palette. Fiesta, PMS #17-1564 One of three red shades in the spring 2019 palette. This orange-red color is described by Pantone as "…(radiating) energy, passion, and excite- ment." To create a strong monochromatic design, use with Jester Red and Pink Pea- cock. If you want to create con- trast without the brightness, pair it with one of the darker palette hues. Aspen Gold, PMS #13-0850 Aspen Gold is a sunny shade to brighten the day and bring feelings of good cheer. Princess Blue, PMS #19-4150 A deep royal blue hue that is majestic and dark but brighter than a navy shade of blue. Mango Mojito, PMS #15-0960 Imagine the cocktail, and yes, it's that color. This gold-tone color has an underlying orange hint to it and is a bit darker than Aspen Gold while still being strong and comfortable. Pink Peacock, PMS #18-2045 When I think of a peacock, I think of a wonderful dark teal blue shade (I even painted it in my home!), but Pink Peacock brings forward all the other lovely hues that can be found in the amazing features of a colorful peacock feather. This is a color that can be used for attention and to add a bit of theatrical flair to a design. Use this color in small doses. Turmeric, PMS #15-1264 This orange hue has all the sass and flavor you would expect from a color named after a seasoning. It provides a defi- nite punch into the palette. To tone it down, pair with Toffee or Brown Granite, or if you need some high-contrast fun, use it with Pink Peacock and add in Princess Blue for a bit of balance. Jester Red, PMS #19-1862 A deep red that surprise you with its inclusion in this palette of brighter colors. Jester Red and Princess Blue add a level intensity and elegance to the color offerings of the season. Their names also seem to keep with a royal theme. Terrarium Moss, PMS #18-0416 This shade brings to mind nature in all the beauty of spring as plants flourish. Sweet Lilac, PMS #14-2808 The lightest tone in the pal- ette, this "endearing pink" adds a bit of light floral sweetness to the mix. Perfect to use with an Easter-themed items. NEUTRAL COLORS These neutral colors can be paired with the above hues or together for a more traditional approach. Sweet Corn, PMS #11-0106 Sweet Corn conjures up images of white corn in season. A soft off- white hue that can be used in place of a stark white in your designs. Brown Granite, PMS #19-0805 Pantone describes Brown Granite as, "grounded and strong, Brown Granite is understated, authentic, and timeless." Soy Bean, PMS #13-0919 This creamy shade is not quite a beige or tan hue but much deeper than an off-white like Sweet Corn. Eclipse, PMS #19-3810 A deep navy blue, reminiscent of the magic seen in the nighttime sky of the famous painting by Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night. COLOR YOUR BUSINESS The Spring/Summer Pan- tone 2019 Color Palette is a mix of bright, joyful, and inspiring colors that reflect our need to continue to bloom no matter what you do. Hoping you spread some joy through the sublimated (or whatever your production method) products you sell and use these trending colors to help grow your business sales. If you'd like to download the color formulas for your own quick reference, go to www.>Support>Asset Library>Graphics>Color, or product-support/graphics/color. For more information on Pantone, please visit its site at A&E These neutral colors can be paired with the 2019 palette hues or together for a more traditional approach. Mix Living Coral with Princess Blue for a soft, royal theme. Mango Mojito conjures up images of the cocktail and has an underlying orange hint.

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