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32 • A&E FEBRUARY 2019 hand part of the logo was the biggest concern, as I determined that this would take the longest time to recreate if I had to. Fortunately, it rendered to my satisfaction. It would be the only part of this logo I would keep knowing that replacing all the other elements would not require much time. Note: The Trace tool is a powerful tool and there are many variables and options within. A more in-depth article would be necessary to explain all the features of it. Next, I replaced the arched text. Arching text in CorelDRAW has evolved into a painless process. To do this, create a circle using the Ellipse tool to the desired size and type out the text (adjusting size and fonts as needed). Select the text; hold the Shift key down to additionally select the circle. Then go to Text>Fit Text to Path (Figure G). This defaults to adding the text at the top of the circle. You may want to add the bottom text first. This requires the same steps, but once the text is arched, you simply use the Pick tool and drag the text to the bottom of the arch. A red line will appear once it is centered. There are additional tools in the Property bar to place the text on the outside of the circle and reverse the text if needed. Increasing the spacing between letters and words to match the top can be done using the Text Properties (Ctrl+T). Again, arching text and adjusting text properties could be an article all its own, but let's move to focus of this article — rotating the tri- angles around the circle. ROTATING TRIANGLES Replacing the triangles circling the logo was difficult at first, because I had completely forgotten how to do it. I knew that there was a better way to do it than how I had done it in the past. After some searching, I found the tools I needed to do it. The first step in adding objects around a circle uniformly is to create a circle using the Ellipse tool and placing that circle in the center of the page. Do not try eye-balling it to the center. Instead, with the circle selected, press the letter "P" on the keyboard, and it will do so exactly. Next, use the Pick tool to click and drag from the top and side rulers to bring horizontal and vertical guidelines into the workspace. Again, if you have the guideline selected, you can press the letter "P" to center both (Figure H). Create a triangle using the Polygon tool from the tool bar (Figure I). Hold the control key down as you click and drag this shape to the appropriate size to maintain proportionality. The default may not be for a three-sided object, so change the number of sides for that in the Property bar (Figure J). Position the triangle at the top of the circle. To make sure that the triangle is centered perfectly, select the triangle, shift select the circle, Fig I Fig J Fig K Fig L

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